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[[Later... Harry is walking along a corridor inside Hollerith's.]]
Harry (thinks): Just great. Gedanken Deadlock is now the defense against the black arts teacher and my detention is to help him answer his fan mail. I wish I ...

[[Having heard something, Harry looks around.]]
Harry: Hello?
Harry: Who's that? Is somebody there?

[[There is a frightened looking cat backed up against the wall. It is not moving. It is flashing on and off like a neon light. A burning torch lies on the floor at its feet. There are fragments of cable on the floor.]]
Harry (thinks): Who... That's caretaker Fisk's cat, Mrs Slowlaris. What happened to her? And where'd those bits of CAT-5 come from...

[[Speaking out loud, Harry looks up and is surprised by something off-panel. Don and Harmony run up behind him.]]
Harry: This can't be good.
Harmony: Harry! We've been looking all over for you!

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