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[[The first panel is labeled "The next day..."]]
[[Surrounded by a large crowd of students, Deadlock and Sysape are standing at desks, each having a chair and a computer. Between them is a "holographic table"; it looks rather like a searchlight pointing at the ceiling. Throughout, Deadlock has his back to Sysape and gestures widely with his arms.]]
Deadlock: In the light of the recent "attack", the faculty have agreed to let me resurrect the old Hollerith's Hackers Dueling Club, of which I, naturally, am a former champion.

[[Deadlock is smiling. Behind him, a purple swirl emerges from the holographic table. Sysape looks at Deadlock sardonically.]]
Deadlock: The objective is to get past your opponent's defenses and "PWN" their machine. It is a true test of a hacker's skill as it requires both defensive and offensive coding.

[[Close up of Sysape, who is typing something. On the screen of his computer we see two knights fighting, one putting his sword through the other. We see the same in glowing purple figures on the holographic table.]]
Deadlock: The holographic table in between provides additional entertainment by visualizing the battle for spectators. And now, I will humbly defeat your favorite scripts master with my--

[[On the holographic table, a purple glowing knight stands with his foot on the body of his defeated purple glowing foe. Sysape smirks slightly. A boy points to the holographic table and speaks.]]
Boy student: Um, Prof. Deadlock? Your terminal just BSOD'ed.
Deadlock: Yes, well... It seems Prof. Sysape got lucky this time. Ahem...

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