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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Harry, Don, and Harmony walk down a corridor after class.]]
Harry: [With a smug smile] Did you see the look on Darco's face? I really showed him!
Don: [Angrily] See him? No, but we all heard you!

[[The view closes in on the trio.]]
Done: [Angrily] Your best friends, and you never told us you were a Packetmouth!
Harry: [Confused] A who-what-now?

[[The view closes in on Harry and Harmony.]]
Harmony: [Concerned] A Packetmouth is someone with the ability to hear, parse, and speak raw 'Net packets. It's a very rare gift. How long have you been able to...?
Harry: All my life, I guess. Is that wrong?

[[The kids walk away with their backs to the reader]]
Harmony: Wrong, no. But it's a skill most commonly associated with the Black Arts.
Done: An' the most famous Black Hat of them all, You-Know-Who.

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