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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[The next day... Harmony, Don, and Harry are sitting in the front row of Prof. Patty McDongle's class. Harmony has raised her hand to ask a question.]]
McDongle: Now, class, are there any questions? Yes, Harmony?
Harmony: Professor, can you tell us about the Chat Room of Enigmas?

McDongle: Legend states that shortly after Hollerith's was built, a great black hat hacker built a powerful server and hid it somewhere within the school. The server housed a secret IRC node where only "pure-bred" hackers would be allowed access.

McDongle: The school has been searched many times, but this hidden server has never been found. Rumors abound that if the "Sysop of Mitnick" entered a special command, the server would reboot and unleash a terrible "monster".

[[As McDongle continues, we see Darco Mouso and his Mitnick cohorts sitting behind the other three, grinning at the implications of the professor's explanation.]]
McDongle: This "monster" would be unleashed upon the 'Net to "purge" it of all users it deemed unworthy, luddies and luddie-borne alike.

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