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[[Harmony, Don, and Harry have met up in a bathroom in Hollerith's to discuss their plans to infiltrate the Mitnick common room. Harmony is seated on a bench working with her laptop, while the two boys are standing near her. Don in particular seems to be looking around warily.]]
Harmony: There. Almost finished. We'll only have a limited time before someone discovers that we've hacked into the system and deletes our avatars.

Harmony: [to Harry] We'll need high-res 3D scans of Darco's friends before we can create our avatars. I'll be Violet Vannevar. Who did you two choose?
Harry: That's easy. Crappe and Gweep.

Harmony: [concerned] Getting those scans won't be easy, not without the subjects -- and professors -- knowing about it. But I've got a gadget just perfect for the task.
Don: So why are we doing this in a girls' bathroom?

[[An avatar of a frowning girl wearing black appears next to Don and startles him as Harmony answers.]]
Harmony: Mumbling Minnie. She "haunts" here, so no one comes in, ensuring our privacy.
Minnie: [mumbling, true to her name] I heard that. No one thinks I'm listening, but I really am. They just ignore me. "Poor Mumbling Minnie"...

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