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[[A few hours later... Don and Harry return, carrying the scanning devices.]]
Harmony: Got the scans? Good. Let's plug them in and get started.

[[The figures of the three of them are surrounded by light, and when it fades their avatar illusions are in place. Harry and Don have become the exact image of Crappe and Gweep.]]
Don: Blimey! We even look like our IQ's dropped 100 points!
Harmony: [off-panel] I-I don't think I'll be going with you...

[[Don and Harry stare at Harmony, whose avatar illusion is obviously a bit off. She's been transformed into an anime/manga "cat girl", complete with a "magical girl" "sailor suit" school uniform.]]
Harmony: I think my scan got corrupted, and I got both Violet and her cat.
Don: [staring] Is there any chance you can hold on to that file...?

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