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[[In the Mitnick common room, we see Darco Mouso lounging on a couch, playing a console game. Behind him Crappe and Gweep (Don and Harry in their avatar illusions) enter the room.]]
Darco: Crappe! Gweep! Where have you two been? Did you get that file I asked for?
Harry (as Crappe): Uh...

Darco: [turning from his game] For Kevin's sake, you forgot again, didn't you? You two are almost as useless as... as...
Harry (as Crappe): Harry Barker?

Darco: Pft! Saint Barker. Did you know some idiots are saying HE might be the Sysop of Mitnick? Gullible morons.
Don (as Gweep): Then... YOU don't know who...?

Darco: [turning back to his game] I told you before that I didn't know, Gweep. If I did, I'd be the first in line to Nickserv to reserve my handle!
[[Harry and Don stare at each other grimly.]]

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