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[[Back in the girls' bathroom after their infiltration of the Mitnic commons room, Harmony, Don, and Harry discuss their findings.]]
Harmony: So Darco ISN'T the Sysop, nor does he know who it is.
Harry: [depressed] Are people really saying I'M the Sysop of Mitnick?
Don: [putting his hand on Harry's shoulder] Face it, mate...

Don: [continuing] Yer a packetmouth, an' that's got folks spooked. You-know-who was one... Maybe you two are related...?
Harmony: We have another concern...

[[She hands Harry a writable CD in a jewel case. The disc is labeled "Property of WHG".]]
Harmony: While you were gone, I tried tracking your progress online. Someone came in and threw this disc into a toilet. I didn't see who it was but she seemed really upset.

Harry: "Property of WHG". Maybe we should take a look at this.
Don: [sharply, to Harmony] Seriously, Harm. You fished that out of the loo? Are you mental?

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