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[[A surprised and confused Harry finds himself in changed surroundings, a virtual world. While he himself is unchanged, the world around him is slightly blurry and in sepia tones. He stands in a hallway trying to figure out how he got here, when he hears a conversation from just down the hall.]]
Harry: [thinking] What's this? Some sort of VR sim? How did I --?
Voice: Tim? Billy? Have you heard the news?

[[He looks down the hall and sees a woman talking to a younger Tim Dumpingcore and an even younger male. We see Dumpingcore's face, but only the backs of the woman and the young man.]]
Woman: The girl was found dead in a bathroom. No one knows how or why, only that she looked terribly frightened.

Dumpingcore: Bill? Have you heard anything about this?
Billy: Sorry, Mister Dumpingcore. I have no ideas.

[[Dumpingcore and the woman walk away in one direction, while Billy walks away in the other. Billy's face is shrouded in shadow.]]
Dumpingcore: [over his shoulder, to Billy] Well, if there's anything you want to tell me, don't hesitate to come to me ASAP.
Billy: Yes, sir.

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