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[[Still in the VR world, Harry follows Billy (whose face is visible but partially hidden behind a pair of large, trapezoidal glasses). A ways down the hall Billy calls out.]]
Billy: Dex? Dexter? What have you done?

[[Ahead of Harry we see Billy confronting a much younger Dex, who is defensively holding a carton the size of a large shoe box.]]
Billy: It's all your fault, Dex. Your little "pet" murdered that girl!
Dexter: No! I wrote him myself! He wouldn't hurt a virtual fly!

[[Billy grabs for the carton, knocking it from Dex's grasp. As it falls we see a large, spider-shaped figure escaping from it.
Billy: [angrily] They'll have your keyboard for this, Dex! That monster must not kill again!
Dex: [horrified] NO!

[[The VR world disappears...]]
[[...and we find Harry back in the dorm room, with Don still sleeping soundly behind him. Harry sits stunned, eyebrows arched up over his glasses.]]
Harry: What. The. Heck.

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