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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Harry and Don are running through the forest outside Hollerith's. Don is obviously still partly asleep, while Harry's face is lined with determination.]]
Don: Why'd you wake me up again? Where we goin'?
Harry: To Dexter's. I'm afraid HE might be the Sysop of Mitnick.

Don: Are you daft? And where's Harmony?
Harry: Let's say I may have new evidence, and we'll be in worse trouble if we sneak into the girls' dorms.

[[As they approach Dexter's cabin they find that there's a meeting in progress. They quietly move to just outside the door, hiding under a window and listening to the conversation going on inside.]]
Harry: [whispering] Shh! Someone else is inside!
Dexter: [unseen] But Prof. Dumpingcore! You KNOW it ain't me!
Dumpingcore: I believe you, Dexter, but the minister's hands are tied.

[[The boys peer into the window and see Dexter and Dumpingcore talking to Minister Coreleak Fud.]]
Fud: Your past is against you, Dexter. Until these attacks end, I'm going to have to take you to Angband and the ministry must ask Tim to resign as headmaster.

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