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[[Harry and Don have made their way from Dexter's cabin and back to Hollerith's, and are running through the halls.]]
Don: Zounds! Who knew the school network was crawling with indexing spiders! They're scraping every scrap of data on the LAN!
Harry: And the trace leads to the Forbidden Server Farm.

[[The two enter the Forbidden Server Farm. We see them at the doorway, looking down a row of server racks.]]
Don: Ya know, if the server farm is forbidden, maybe we shouldn't be here, ya think?
Harry: Shh! Dex wants us to find something in here.

Harry: Start looking for anything suspicious.
[[Don turns and looks behind them, and jumps back toward Harry with his eyes wide in shock.]]
Don: L-like THAT?

Harry: Like what?
[[Harry turns and sees a HUGE spider avatar, crawling down the racks towards them.]]
Harry: [in a small voice] Oh.

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