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[[Harry and Don are in the Forbidden Server Farm, facing the huge spider avatar they found in the last strip. Harry is unfazed, but Don cowers behind him, obviously terrified of the spider.]]
Spider: I am Arachnode. Why are you here, fleshlings?
Harry: Dexter sent us. Are... Are you the "Monster" from the Chat Room of Enigmas?

Arachnode: No, I was written by Dexter in his youth. But the creature of which you speak is my nemesis, the antithesis of all that I am. I crawl where I am needed, gathering data and indexing it for others to find.

Arachnode: That monster which I shall not name, it spreads throughout systems, overwhelming and crashing them. It propagates with abandon until every node collapses in its wake. My function is to serve; its is to destroy.

Don: [still cowering behind Harry] Y-yer not gonna... EAT us, are you?
Arachnode: I'm a program, boy. Unless you are composed of tasty text files, you are most decidedly safe.

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