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[[After their encounter with Arachnode, Don and Harry race through Hollerith's halls looking for Dumpingcore.]]
Harry: We have to find Dumpingcore before he leaves. Dexter's spider didn't harm anyone, so he's innocent!
[[Don points to the infirmary, which (unlike the rest of the grounds) is brightly lit.]]
Don: Harry, the infirmary! Look!

[[The two stop just outside the door, watching and listening. Inside we see Professors McDongle, Dumpingcore, Deadlock, and Sysape, all gathered around one of the infirmary beds.]]
Dumpingcore: Where was she found?
McDongle: In the hall near the girls' bathroom, down in the west wing.

[[We see that the girl on the table is Harmony, frozen in position and blinking. She's holding a candlestick in one hand and a folded piece of paper in the other, and looks like she was looking down at something when she was frozen.]]
McDongle: There was another message written on the wall: "Her nick shall be frozen in the Chat Room forever". I think another girl has been kidnapped and taken to the server room.

[[We see Don and Harry hiding at the door, and Don's horrified face as they hear the next bits of the conversation.]
One of the profs: [off-panel] Do you know who it is?
McDongle: I'm afraid it's Jenny Measley...

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