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[[The professors are leaving the infirmary, with Don and Harry watching and listening from the shadows.]]
Dumpingcore: We have been fortunate the victims have only been frozen. The last time the Chat Room was rooted, a girl died. We must find its location and infiltrate it.

McDongle: That will be exceedingly dangerous. [[She turns to Prof. Deadlock.]] It sounds like a task well suited to you, Gedanken. After all, your chronicled exploits are legendary, and didn't you say you already knew where the Chat Room was?
Deadlock: [VERY uncomfortable] Er, um...

[[Deadlock brightens and starts to step away from the other professors.]]
Deadlock: Yes, well, just let me return to my office and collect a few... tools. I'll pop right in there and rescue the child. Should take but a bit.
[[McDongle and Dumpingcore watch him leave, suspicion visible on their faces.]]

Don: [shaken] The sysop's got Jenny! Now what do we do?
Harry: [determined] We follow Deadlock. If he knows where the Chat Room is, we can tell him what we know.

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