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[[Harry and Don burst into Prof. Deadlock's office, startling him. He seems to be in the middle of packing...]]
Harry: Prof. Deadlock! We have information about the Chat Room -- What are you doing?

Don: [accusingly] He's running for it, that's what! He's just a big coward!
[[Deadlock scowls at the two boys.]]
Harry: You never did ANY of those things you wrote about, did you?

Deadlock: [sneering] Of course not. But I'm exceptionally good at falsifying and deleting data. Tampering with a few user IDs and copying select files can pad one's portfolio rather nicely. Not that YOU will be able to prove any of that.

Harry: [grinning] I don't know. Don's broken mouse is unpredictable. I'm sure one stray click might completely erase, say, your latest manuscript...
Don: [threatening Deadlock with his mouse] Oooooo...
Deadlock: [scowling] You... wouldn't dare...!

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