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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Harry and Prof. Deadlock have emerged from the secret tunnel, while we see Don sliding out of it like a water slide. The three have entered a vaulted room with brick walls. The floor, however, is uneven, covered in some sort of goo. Harry is examining several large cables that cross the floor.]]
Harry: We're under the castle, I think. Those power and data cables might lead us to the chat room.

[[Deadlock has been looking for an opportunity to escape, and now he's found it. With a sneer he snatches Don's mouse from his hand.]]
Deadlock: Ha! This has been fun, boys, but I'm afraid this little adventure must come to an end!

Deadlock: Unfortunately, I was unable to save the poor girl from the monster, and the two of you perished as well. But I'm sure the tale of my narrow escape will be a thrilling bestseller that will fly off the shelves!
[[With a maniacal grin he clicks the button on Don's mouse.]]

[[Don and Harry leap back from a brilliant flash of lightning that explodes from Don's mouse, an explosion that throws Deadlock all the way up to the ceiling of the vault.]]

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