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[[Harry approaches the circular door on the far side of the collapsed vault. The door is emblazoned with numbers, reading "48 45 52 45 20 54 48 45 52 45 20 42 45 20 57 4F 52 4D 53". (ASCII for "HERE THERE BE WORMS")]]
Harry: [in packettongue] Smro webe rehte reh...
[[With a loud creak the door opens.]]

[Harry walks into the room behind the door. Both sides of the room have alcoves containing HUGE worm statues, twice as tall as Harry. The center floor of the room is surrounded by a moat, of sorts, about 2 feet wide, which make the center of the room an island. At the end of the island we see a female figure, lying on her back with one hand thrown up over her head.]]
Harry: Jenny?

[[As he gets a little closer he sees that the figure IS, in fact, Jenny Measley, and he starts to run toward her.]]
Harry: JENNY!
[[He's interrupted by a voice coming from off-panel.]]
Voice: She cannot hear you...

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