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[[Harry looks up from Jenny's still form, and sees an avatar image of a boy in school robes, moving toward him.]]
Harry: You're Billy. The young man from the disc.
Billy: Very perceptive. And I have heard much about YOU, Harry Barker.

Harry: [sadly, looking down at Jenny] What happened to her?
Billy: Every bit of data in her mind is being downloaded and archived. When complete her brain will be erased and formatted.

Harry: [shocked, looking back up at Billy] But how? Why?
Billy: Why else? Like an old computer she will be "upgraded" to a newer, better operating system, one that will maximize her potential.

Harry: [glaring angrily at Billy] What the heck kind of "operating system" are you talking about?
Billy: [sneering back at Harry, with his eyes glowing brightly] Put succinctly... ME.

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