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[[Harry is incensed at Billy's plan for Jenny Measley, who's unconscious body lies on the floor between himself and Billy's avatar.]]
Harry: [angrily] You can't just "format" a girl's brain and overwrite her mind like an old hard disk!
Billy: Such limited thinking. And I thought you might be a worthy opponent.

Billy: [looking down at Jenny's body and the disc laying near it] Many years ago, I archived a copy of myself onto that disc. I preserved myself in my prime, knowing that one day I would collect enemies who would seek to destroy me.

Billy: Fortune found my disc in this girl's hands. She was easy to influence, so young and impressionable. Before long, she was dong my bidding. Frightened, she tried to dispose of the disc, which is how we first met.

[[Suddenly making the connections, Harry snarls at Billy, raising a fist at Billy's avatar in his anger.]]
Harry: Then YOU were the Sysop of Mitnick. You used Jenny to boot the Chat Room, just like you did years ago and blamed it on Dexter.
Billy: [grinning] Ah, a glimmer of intelligence after all...

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