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[[Billy (as an avatar) continues his monologue to an increasingly angry Harry Barker, who has interposed himself between Billy and the unconscious Jenny Measly.]]
Billy: As soon as I download myself into the girl, I will be able to hack once more. Not exactly a body I would prefer, but one few would likely suspect.

Billy: Then I will finally be able to unleash my ultimate creation, perfected and honed from the crude code I tested on that mischievous Minnie...
Harry: [snarling] Who ARE you? Who could do such a horrible thing?

[[Billy causes a projection of a keyboard and screen to appear next to Harry. The screen is huge, nearly six feet wide.]]
Billy: Oh, we've met before, Harry Barker, or rather, you met my older self, virtually. But his name, I'm sure, is one you shall never forget...

[[The screen suddenly contains large green text, saying "I AM GNAWTHRYLILEES." Harry jumps back from it, eyes wide in recognition and shock.]]
Billy: [grinning] Ah, yes... A glimmer of recognition.

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