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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Billy is in the process of revealing his true identity to Harry. Gesturing at the holographic display (reading "I AM GNAWTHRYLILEES") that he summoned in the last strip, he continues his monologue.]]
Harry: I wanted a name that inspired both fear and awe. So I took an anagram of my common, mundane name and created a new one worthy of my genius.

[[As Billy watches, grinning broadly, the large, green letters on the holographic display begin rearrange themselves.]]

[[The green letters on the holographic display are suddenly replaced by a Windows system crash screen (the "Blue Screen of Death"). Billy facepalms.]]
Billy: [exasperated] For the love of...

[[Now furious, Billy points at a space behind Harry. Harry turns to look at whatever Billy is pointing at.]]
Billy: [furious] Enough with the theatrics! Kill him, my pet! He has distracted us far too long from our task!

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