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[[Harry is hiding, avoiding the worm that is bent on his destruction. He is concentrating, trying to come up with a plan to stop the worm and rescue Jenny.]]
Harry: [thinking while watching the worm slide by] Harmony... Wait, what was that she had in her hand in the infirmary? A candelabra! And Fisk's cat was found near that torch.

Harry: [thinking] That's IT! A FIREwall! Deadlock said that was the best defense against a worm! The candles and torch protected them from being killed so they were only "locked up" or frozen!

[[The worm sees him. Harry starts running for cover, thinking the whole while.]]
Harry: [thinking] But those fires weren't enough. I can't afford to be frozen down here, not when Jenny needs me.

Harry: [thinking] How do I generate a "firewall" big enough to stop the worm without it causing me to "crash"?

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