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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Harry has climbed up atop one of the ornamentations in the vault, temporarily losing the worm. He concentrates frantically.]]
Harry: [thinking] Think, Harry, think! What can you do to produce a "firewall" capable of stopping that worm?

Harry: [thinking] Wait... This IS a chat server, right? A hidden one, but a chat server no less. I wonder... If I can conjure up a terminal like Billy did...

[[A holographic keyboard and monitor appears in front of Harry.]]
Harry: [thinking] Good. Now, a chat server is useless if no one's chatting, so maybe I can hack its configuration and get it to join an IRC net somewhere as a node...

[[He begins typing.]]
Harry: [thinking] Now let's see... We'll create a new channel "#LINUX_DISTROS" and make a first post: "Which Linux distro is the best and why?" Oh, man, I hope this works...

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