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[[Later... We see the broken disc and its jewel case laying on a desk blotter next to a nameplate reading "T. DUMPINGCORE, HEADMASTER". Also on the desk is a textbook with a title beginning with "ERLANG."]]
Dumpingcore: [off-panel] I'm afraid Prof. Deadlock's memory wipe backfired. He has no recollection of the events, so only you and the Measleys know what transpired.

[[The perspective shifts, and we see Harry standing in front of Tim Dumpingcore's desk. Dumpingcore himself is seated behind it.]]
Dumpingcore: Is something still troubling you, Harry?
Harry: Yes, sir. I still don't understand how I learned to speak packet-tongue.

Dumpingcore: I strongly suspect that when Gnawthrylilees attacked you and left you that scar, he imparted a portion of his abilities upon you. The ability to download and exchange minds could imply the transfer of skills as well.

Harry: Although a keyboard to the head doesn't seem like a very subtle method of data transfer...
Dumpingcore: It bests some user interfaces I've had to deal with...

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