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[[Harry and Tim Dumpingcore are still at Dumpingcore's desk when Luser Mouso enters the office.]]
Dumpingcore: Ah, Luser. I'm glad you received my message. Do come in.

[[Mouso enters, kicking Noddy into the room ahead of him.]]
Mouso: I came as quickly as I could, Headmaster. I would have arrived sooner if your e-mail had not been DELETED...
Noddy: [as he's kicked] YEEP!

[[As Mouso approaches Dumpingcore's desk Harry approaches Noddy and whispers to him.]]
Harry: [whispering] Noddy! Luser Mouso is your user?
Noddy: [whispering] Y-yes. As long as Noddy's user does not give him his own user ID, Noddy must serve his user, no matter what.

Dumpingcore: [to Mouso, holding up half of the broken disc] I thought you might be interested in this. I've heard you still had some of You-Know-Who's personal effects. Does this seem familiar?
Mouso: I'm afraid not.

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