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[[Tim Dumpingcore and Luser Mouso continue their conversation regarding the broken disc, as Harry and a cringing Noddy watch from the other side of the room.]]
Dumpingcore: Curious how such a dangerous artifact came to be in the possession of a young girl, isn't it.
Mouso: Truly a mystery, Headmaster.

Dumpingcore: I suppose, then, this should be returned from whence it came...?
Mouso: It was not mine, so dispose of it as you see fit.

[[Mouso turns and starts to walk away, gesturing to Noddy with his cane.]]
Mouso: I'm afraid I have more urgent matters to attend to. Please excuse me. Come along, NODDY.
[[Noddy starts to follow Mouso, while still sadly looking over his shoulder at Harry.]]

[[Harry motions to Dumpingcore, pointing at the broken disc half.]]
Harry: Excuse me, sir, but... Can I borrow that?

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