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[[Wearing a decidedly pompous expression, Luser Mouso begins to walk away from Harry, momentarily leaving Noddy standing by himself next to Harry.]]
Mouso: Come, Noddy.
Harry: [to Noddy, whispering] Open it.

[[Noddy opens the case, revealing Harry's user ID card. His expression lightens considerably as he stares at the card, eyes wide in surprise.]]
Noddy: It is an ID access card! Noddy's user has given Noddy a user account! Noddy is FREE!

[[Incensed, a snarling Luser Mouso pulls the handle of his cane from the staff, revealing a sword hidden within the cane.]]
Mouso: You filthy little brat! You cost me my servant! You will pay severely for this trickery!

[[Noddy leaps in front of Harry, raising his hands protectively and snarling at Mouso.]]
Noddy: You shall NOT harm Harry Barker!

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