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[Fooker and Sharon walk out of the movie theater. Sharon scratches at her side.]
Sharon: I don't know which is more embarrassing, falling asleep during the movie or having another one of those "mother of the geek messiah" dreams...
Fooker: The first says less about your mental stability.

[The two continue talking. Sharon scratches at her chest. A shadowy figure lurks around the corner.]
Sharon: I really am trying to let this slide, but it's really bothering me. If Scott keeps hovering like this, I'm going to tell Dwayne it's either him or... or...

[Sharon fires an accusatory look at Fooker, who grins broadly.]
Sharon: Fooker... did you put popcorn down my cleavage?
Fooker: Just saving myself a snack for later.

[Sharon and Fooker walk out of panel as they continue talking. The shadowy figure reveals itself as Scott, who listens to the conversation surreptitiously.]
Sharon: Uh huh. Well, it's going to be mighty stale and moldy before you're going to get a chance to retrieve it.
Fooker: I thought you changed bras more frequently than that...

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