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[[It is night in the movie theater parking lot. thePR0PH3T, who is balding, is leaning back against a parked car. He has his left hand in his pocket, thumb out. Scott, alias Zero One, is walking towards him, also with hands in pockets.]]
thePR0PH3T: I came as soon as you called, Zero One.
Scott: Thanks, thePR0PH3T. I seek your guidance.

[[They are close now. thePR0PH3T's head is slightly bowed. They are not looking directly at one another. Scott is on thePR0PH3T's right side, facing across him. Throughout, Scott continues walking.]]
thePR0PH3T: You doubt your theory about Barker and Murphy's offspring. I told you already I concur with your hypothesis.
Scott: I know. But we cannot wait much longer. Events are unfolding...

[[Scott has now passed thePR0PH3T]]
thePR0PH3T: Then you have heard. Greg's faction believes they have found "The One". As finder of the prophecy, I straddle the schism. But I was unaware you...
Scott: I have sources.

[[Scott is now well past thePR0PH3T, who now looks at his back.]]
thePR0PH3T: A war is coming, Scott. While I believe you are in the *right*, I fear your side will not be the one to *win*.
Scott: As do I.

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