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[Nick and Mr. Jones, a manager from Goodman Rubber, a client of GPF Software, walk out of a conference room, presumably in the Goodman Rubber office building. Others file out of the room behind them, spreading out down the hallway.]
Mr. Jones: Great job as always, Nick! It sounds like our project is right on track!
Nick: Happy to be of service, Mr. Jones.

[Jones slaps Nick soundly on the back, jostling Nick's glasses right off his face.]
Mr. Jones: You kids have worked wonders for us over the years. It's high time your people got the compensation you richly deserve.
Nick: Well, you haven't missed a payment yet...

[We see Jones close up. He winks.]
Mr. Jones: No, I mean an exclusive opportunity just for our closest partner. Normally, I would bring this to your marketing chief, but since you're here, I'll let you take this to Dwayne.

[Jones appears contemplative and Nick re-seats his glasses]
Mr. Jones: Say, who is your marketing man now? Trudy went astray years ago, and there was that nasty bit with Trent's lawsuit...
Nick: It's... complicated.

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