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[[Nick and Dwayne are speaking to each other; Nick scratches his neck to indicate discomfort]]
Dwayne: We're not set up for mobile development. We're classically a client-server shop, although we've done a lot more web apps with AJAX in recent years.
Nick: I've been thinking about that.

Nick: This thing is all about social interaction and location-based services. The server side will be a cinch. We just need to brush up on the mobile stuff. On that note...

[[Close-up on Nick]]
Nick: Fooker's been dabbling in Android development since he got his phone. Dex loves his Blackberry and would love to code for it. Sharon knows Objective-C, so she could handle the iPhone. Put me on design, Ki on the database...

[[Dwayne gives Nick a smile, crosses his arms, and squints slightly to indicate that he's made a an assumption based on Nick's personality. Nick raises his phone and dons a look of discomfort and embarrassment]]
Dwayne: You've already written the specification, haven't you?
Nick: I tried to stop, sir. Honest. My thumbs ache after 150 pages on this tiny keyboard...

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