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[[The GPF team files out of the conference room in small groups or pairs. The first to exit are Dwayne, Nick, and Ki. Dexter is visible behind them.]]
Dwayne: If nothing else, Nick, it looks like you've got them all fired up.
Ki: I just hope we can pull this off. We're really out of our element.

[[Next, Dexter and Patty exit the room. Dexter is ecstatic, while Patty is her usual deadpan self. Scott is visible behind Dexter.]]
Dexter: Yes! I finally get to do BlackBerry development and get paid for it!
Patty: Easy, big fella. Save some of that energy for the late night coding binge.

[[Scott and Tim exit. Scott looks troubled, while Tim places a reassuring hand in his shoulder. Fooker is visible behind them.]]
Tim: Not everyone can be coding the fun parts Brother Scott.
Scott: It's not that. No Limo? Maemo? OpenMoko? Must market share rule all?

[[Fooker and Sharon exit, being playfully adversarial.]]
Sharon: So... iOS vs Android. What *were* Nick and Dwayne thinking?
Fooker: That your talents will be wasted on that toy platform.

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