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[[Nick stands in the conference room pointing to diagrams on the marker board while Scott, Ki, and Dwayne look on.]]
Nick (narrating): Over the next several weeks, we became immersed in our new project. Everything else fell to the wayside. GPF lived and breathed this new app.

[[Dexter codes furiously in his darkened office while Patty appears to be asleep at a table in the background. Dexter's desk is littered with diet soda pop cans.]]
Nick (narrating): The enthusiasm was addictive and infectious. Never had our entire team been so caught up in a single task. Many of us worked extra hours simply because it was fun.

[[Sharon, Fooker, and Tim appear to be playing some sort of game on their smartphones, presumably related to the application GPF Software is building. Nick, Ki, Dexter, and Scott watch the action and cheer their comrades on.]]
Nick (narrating): Playful rivalries broke out over which version would be best. Despite this, we were all in this together, creating something marvelous, useful, and entertaining.

[[Nick stands at a window, facing outward, as he looks down at his own smartphone in his hands.]]
Nick (narrating): As launch day approached, nothing could dampen our excitement. If only we had known the treacherous waters into which we sailed...
Nick (thinking): Tomorrow we release to the app stores. What could possibly go wrong...?

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