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[[Nick, Fooker, and Dwayne walk down a hallway within the GPF offices. Dwayne is absorbed by looking at the Android Market page for GPF's mobile app on Fooker's phone, while Fooker is obviously still angry. Nick leads and looks back over his shoulder as he speaks.]]
Nick: Maybe Dex is having better luck...
Dexter: [[Off-panel]] Ragh! Dexter smash!
Nick: Or not.

[[Nick and Dwayne peer into Dexter's office. Dexter is standing, waving his hands frantically in an agitated fashion. He is obviously angry. Patty sits nearby, watching him impassively.]]
Dexter: First, I have to jump through hoops to match the other apps because Blackberry's UI is not as flexible. It was tough but I pulled it off.

[[We see Dexter close up. He grows more irritated the longer his rant continues.]]
Dexter: Then Jones Jr. had trouble with the billing to the carriers. Our users could only pay via PayPal, and that got clobbered when they locked his account for no apparent reason.

[[From their vantage point outside the office, Nick and Dwayne exchange glances as Dexter continues to rant to Patty. Patty sits quietly with her arms folded
Dexter: Now all our enterprise users are locked out because their companies view us as an invasion of privacy! That's most of our Blackberry user base!

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