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[[In a conference room within GPF's offices, Sharon, Fooker, Nick, and Ki stand encircling Dwayne, who is seated at the conference table with his head in his hands.]]
Dwayne: This project has been a disaster! Nothing has gone exactly as we planned.
Nick: Well, a lot of these issues were out of our control.

[[We see Nick and Ki close up.]]
Nick: We were out of our element. This was new to all of us, and we didn't have time for trial and error experiments.
Ki: We needed more time for research. Heck, we needed more time in general.

[[Now Sharon and Fooker take center stage.]]
Fooker: Jones Jr.'s idea was sound enough, but I think he over-extended his reach. He was too ambitious, trying to target every platform at once.
Sharon: He should have focused on the core functionality first.

[[Our view returns to that of the first panel. Dwayne looks up at Fooker and Sharon, while Nick turns to look at Ki as she speaks.]]
Dwayne: Poor requirements, too tight deadlines, overly ambitious goals... What I'm hearing is...?
Ki: The customer is always wrong.

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