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Dexter: Congratulations! You just survived your first battle! The orc guard falls next to the dead jailer.
Patty: Can we take its keys? They may prove useful.
Dexter: Done.

Dexter: As you retrieve the keys, a whisper calls from the cell beyond. A handsome human with chiseled features, penetrating eyes, and a mane of black hair beckons. "Ladies, if you would be so kind? I'm as skilled with a blade as I am picking locks."

Patty: Leave him. We don't know him and can't trust him. He may slow us down.
Lynn: We can't leave him. It would be unjust and cruel. What if he was unfairly imprisoned like us?

Patty: Paladins are goody-two-shoes, aren't they? Fine. I unlock the cell. Maybe we can throw him to the orcs to slow them down.
Dexter: "I'll impede them as best I can, but I'd rather escape if it's the same to you."

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