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Dexter: As you exit the keep, Keldar announces, "There's a passage past this cliff to the east. We can lose the orcs there. They don't know about it."
Lynn: Sounds good to me.

Lynn: As we move along, I ask Keldar, "What's your story? How did the orc capture you?"
Dexter: "Same as you, I suppose. Was minding my own business when 'poof!' I'm seeing stars. Woke up in that cell."

Dexter: "They've been rounding up adventurers for who knows what for weeks now. Good thing I was there to rescue you damsels before they ravaged and defiled you, eh?"

Patty: Will kicking him in the cod piece ear me more of those experience points?
Dexter: Um... Keldar isn't wearing a cod piece...
Lynn: Roll for initiative.

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