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Dexter: With the orcs in hot pursuit, you reach the end of the corridor and a barred gate. Keldar reaches it first.
Lynn: I fire off another salvo of arrows.
Patsy: I do the same.

Dexter: As you pause for your attack, Keldar leaps through the gate and slams it shut behind him, trapping you with the orcs on the other side.
Patsy: What? Why you little... Fine. I grab the keys and unlock it.

Dexter: "Sorry, love. Were you looking for these?" Sorry, but you failed your check when Keldar picked your pocket.
Patty: When did... I snatch the keys from his hand, then!

Lynn: Out-rolling a thief on a dexterity check wouldn't be easy.
Dexter: "Sorry, girls! If there's a next time, I'll remember to bring my cod piece, just for you!" With that, he dashes into the dark beyond.

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