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Ki: A full week alone with Trudy. Just the drive alone takes eight hours. What are you two even going to talk about?
Nick: Sexual fetishes of marketing directors.

Ki: Not funny. I don't care if she's not "our" Trudy. I still don't trust her.
Nick: Neither do I. That said, she hasn't kicked any puppies lately either.

Nick: Look, we've made a lot of mistakes with trust in the past. Trudy, Trish... but we've learned from those mistakes. She's behaved herself the past few years. I'll be open yet cautious.

Ki: Still, I want you to be armed. Maybe you can borrow something from Fooker. A Taser, or maybe a bazooka...
Nick: The "safe word" will be "monkeyshines". That's when you'll know to call in the National Guard.

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