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Trudy (thinking): A whole week alone with Nick, capped off with an elegant award dinner, too. What should I wear? What sort of signals, real or unintentional, will that choice send?

Trudy's shoulder demon: This is finally our chance to swipe Nick right out from under Ki's nose! Lure him in with as much leg and cleavage as possible then jump his bones when the moment's right!

Trudy's shoulder angel: Absolutely not! We've finally made headway restarting our life. We've come so far! We can't backslide now! Ki won Nick fair and square, so he's strictly off limits.

Trudy: Shoulder angels and demons? Seriously? Have we been finally reduced to that tired old cliche?
Trudy's shoulder demon: Which would you rather have, mop top? Us or the maniacal jester?

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