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[[Adrienn - now identified as "Anna" - is reporting to Esther Glowerhausen, aka Esther Matusevitch, as a male figure stands in shadows behind them.]]
Esther: Anna? What is it?
Anna: It's her, ma'am. Your daughter. She's here.

Esther: What? Which one?
Anna: Not the redhead. The other one.
Esther: TRUDY. I had somewhat expected Sharon, but not HER.

Esther: I didn't know she was back with that dinky little software company. Did she recognize you?
Anna: No, we've never met. I recognized her from your old photos.

Shadowy figure: [face in shadow, but revealed to be wearing a military uniform] Family problems, Esther? If you require my assistance...
Esther: [interrupting] You stay out of this. I don't want you anywhere near her, understand?

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