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[[Anna and Esther Matusevitch are observing a bank of security camera videos, watching Nick and Trudy talking to Tuckermann.]]
Anna: If she's back with GPF Software, then she and her sister --
Esther: [interrupting] NOT important at the moment. Trudy's presence alone presents a more immediate risk.

Shadowy Figure: Do you believe she poses a risk to our plans? If she gets too close to the inventory...
Esther: I TOLD you she's none of your concern. Let US handle her. You do your thing and I'll do mine.

Shadowy Figure: If she is a threat to the inventory, she IS my concern. There are bigger things afoot than your impromptu family reunion.
Esther: Our alliance will be in severe jeopardy, Lionel, if my daughter comes to harm.

[Even shadowed, the closeup of the shadowy figure is revealed to be Colonel Lionel Barker]
Colonel: Oh, not to worry, my dear. The LAST thing I'd want would be for her to damage her pretty little neck...

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