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[[Esther Matusevitch and Anna leave the Colonel in the security room, and are whispering to each other in the hall outside.]]
Esther: [whispering] I want Trudy out of here. Finish whatever business that brought her here and send her home.
Anna: [whispering] But she's been invited to the dinner. They're expected. It will raise suspicions.

Esther: [whispering] Then do whatever it takes to get her our of there before the "grand finale".
Anna: [whispering] But the Colonel--
Esther: [interrupting] I'll handle the Colonel.

Anna: [whispering, as we see a security camera viewing them] What of her coworker, Wellington?
Esther: [whispering] I don't give a rat's behind about that freckle-faced twit. Take him or leave him.

[Perspective changes to the Colonel and a security guard, watching the feed from the security camera]
Esther: [from the camera feed] Just get my daughter away from that ballroom before they serve "dessert."
Anna: Yes, ma'am.

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