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[[Nick and Trudy are eating at a restaurant.]]

Nick: OK, What's bothering you? You've been distracted ever since we left Lakatos.

Trudy: Hmm?

Trudy: It's... probably nothing. It's that girl Adrienn. Something's not right about her. I can't put my finger on it, but she keeps setting off warning sirens in my head.

Nick: Ah, those old freedom-fighter instincts. You know, not everyone is an imperial stormtrooper or alien puppet bent on world conquest. Some people actually _
_ have a hidden agenda.

Trudy: Oh, _she_ does. I can feel it. I just wish I could figure out _what_.

Nick: Perhaps it's as mundane as tricking us into a lopsided contract. After all we've been through, wouldn't _
_ be a hoot.

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