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[[Trudy and Nick are eating lunch at a diner, talking about their recent experience at Lakatos. The conversation has lead to Trudy explaining some of her family history.]]
Trudy: This "Adrienn" fits Sharon's description of "Elsbeth Diederich," one of Mom's aliases. "Eszter Lakatos" sounds a lot like Esther, Mom's real name. Lakatos is a pharmaceutical company, just like Diederich. That's a lot of similarities.
Nick: Granted.

Trudy: Maybe I can corner her during this dinner. A little mild interrogation might reveal a link. She's probably good if she works for my mom, though, so she's unlikely to slip up...
Nick: [interrupting] Sharon's mom.

Trudy: What?
Nick: Sharon's mom. You said "My mom," "My father." YOUR mom was the frail old woman abandoned by YOUR embezzling father. Getting a bit caught up in your new part, hm?

Trudy: [stiffly] Yes... Of course.
Nick: Simple mistake. Wouldn't want someone thinking you'd make an important slip, would you?

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