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[[The night of the award dinner. We see two imaginary versions of Trudy. One is wearing angel's wings and a white robe, with a halo over her head. The other is wearing a low-cut black leather strapless leotard and fishnet stockings, with a pointed devil's tail and horns on her head. The two are arguing while the real Trudy gets dressed in the hotel room's bathroom.]]
Angelic Trudy: Please stop pacing. You're making me nervous.
Naughty Trudy: And so you should be.

Naughty Trudy: That Adrienn @$%&# works for Mom, I just KNOW it. But we can't PROVE anything if we can't GET to her. She's been in "meetings" all week!
Angelic Trudy: Well, she IS a busy executive...

Naughty Trudy: Like Heck! She's avoiding us! We're on to her and she knows it! Tonight may be our last chance to corner her.
Angelic Trudy: Oh, I HATE confrontations! You two NEVER listen to me...
Trudy: [from out of frame] I'm not listening!

[[Both imaginary Trudys stop and stare at something off-panel. Angelic Trudy is appalled, hands over her mouth. Naughty Trudy is grinning devilishly ear to ear.]]
Naughty Trudy: Va-va-VOOM! Screw Ki! Nick ain't gettin' any sleep TONIGHT!
Angelic Trudy: Oh, we'll be arrested for indecent exposure for sure...
Trudy: [off-panel] I SAID I'm not listening!

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