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[[Nick has arrived to accompany Trudy from her hotel room to the award dinner.]]
Nick: You... Um... Look nice.
Trudy: [coyly as she adjusts her hem] It's not too much, is it?
Nick: I wouldn't know.

Trudy: [looking appraisingly at Nick] You look dashing. I always thought a tux really suits you.
Nick: Nice one. I tried to get away with just a normal suit but Ki actually read the invitation.

Trudy: I don't suppose, in this universe, that you and... "your" Trudy went on one date... once...
Nick: Just once, a very long time ago.

Trudy: Have you ever wondered... if things had turned out differently...?
Nick: Yes. But I've heard how that future would have ended. I don't think we need to speculate there.

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