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[[Meanwhile... Esther Matusevitch and Anna are making final preparations for the award dinner.]]
Anna: Ma'am? The driver is downstairs.
Esther: You go ahead, Anna. I plan to be "fashionably late".

Esther: As CEO, I HAVE to give tonight's main address. But the LAST thing we need is Trudy getting caught up in... this mess. I want her our of that ballroom before I arrive.

Anna: I'll have one of "the boys" steer them away from...
Esther: [interrupting] No. I want you to handle this personally. I don't want anyone potentially "influenced" by the Colonel involved.

Anna: As a senior VP, my absence will look suspicious.
Esther: Not as suspicious as MY absence, or the ruckus my daughter will raise when she recognizes ME. Just make it happen.

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