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[[Nick and Trudy have moved over toward their table, and are greeted by a large man wearing a cowboy hat and western wear. Another woman in a formal gown is already seated at the table.]]
Carl: Ah, more table mates! Carl Meadows, CHM Shipping.
Nick: Nick Wellington and Trudy Niemand, GPF Software.

Carl: [shaking Nick's hand] Ah, you're the ones who did that bang-up inventory system! We use it every day shipping for Lakatos. Smart stuff!
Nick: Thanks.

Trudy: [sitting down next to the other woman] And you are...?
Nikki: Nikki Ronat, VP of Sales, Lowry Chemicals. We supply Lakatos with raw materials.

Trudy: Aren't you a bit young to be a vice president?
Nikki: [sipping from her glass] Aren't you a bit old to pull off a dress like that?

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